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Mercedes-Benz to source Green Aluminium from Hydro

Mercedes-Benz to source Green Aluminium from Hydro

Mercedes-Benz to source Green Aluminium from Hydro

As part of its key milestone towards enabling a green aluminium supply chain, Mercedes-Benz has signed a letter of intent (LoI) with Norwegian Aluminium maker Hydro for a low-carbon technology roadmap between 2023 to 2030.

According to a press release from Mercedes-Benz, both parties have agreed on the gradual supply of very low CO₂ emission aluminium for automotive applications on the road to decarbonisation.

Meanwhile, as an immediate result of the partnership, the CO₂ footprint of the aluminium supplied by Hydro will be almost 70% lower than the European average by next year. The automaker noted that for realising the path towards near zero CO₂ aluminium, it is important to optimise the primary aluminium production process, starting with a CO₂-optimised aluminium oxide production and reducing the CO₂ emissions resulting from the electrolysis process.

Together with steel, aluminium is proportionally the most widely used material in many vehicles. Therefore, this agreement marks a decisive step for the supply of lowemission aluminium and thereby reducing the carbon footprint of Mercedes-Benz products, it added. Interestingly, producing aluminium using secondary material only requires 5% of the energy compared to producing aluminium based on primary resources. As part of the collaboration, Mercedes-Benz and Hydro even want to take it one step further by exploring solutions on how to implement a closed-loop-recycling, the release added.

Markus Schäfer, Member of the Board of Management, Chief Technology Officer- Development & Procurement, Mercedes-Benz Group AG, noted that aluminium is becoming increasingly important as a lightweight material in electric vehicles.

Hilde Merete Aasheim, President and CEO, Hydro, said, “Partnerships and collaboration in the value chains can accelerate technology developments needed to reduce emissions, and we are excited to have Mercedes joining us on our path to zero carbon aluminium.”

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